Request Additional Test Report Forms to Recognizing Organizations

Choose the institution where the IELTS Test Report Form will be mailed. Please use the sidebar filter option to first choose the country of the institution and then the filter underneath the title of the collection page to further narrow down the results.

Please note it takes 3 business days to fully process your request and send your result to selected institutions. 

If your INSTITUTION is not available below, please fill out this application form.

If you require an additional TRF for IMMIGRATION purposes, please fill out this application form.

If you require an additional TRF for PERSONAL purposes, please fill out this application form.

NOTE: Only 1 application form for each address. If you put in 2 addresses, you will need to fill out 2 application forms.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at or call us at +1 416 209 6685.

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For online registrations for Cambridge Admissions Testing ( BioMedical Admissions Test - BMAT,  Test of Mathematics for University Admission - TMUA,  University of Cambridge Pre-Interview Assessments,  University of Oxford Admissions Tests):
You agree to each test's Data Protection Notice/Consent and the Centre's Terms stated at the bottom of each test's online registration. 

For additional TRF orders:
1 - I did my IELTS test at a CA009 test location
2 - I did my IELTS test within 2 years of today
3 - I provided accurate information about the destination of the results
4 - I provided accurate details of my test, including my name and test date