International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) 2023

CES Exams Toronto


CES-Exams will be running IMAT 2024.  For further information please visit the following link. IMAT 2024 , Please visit us again Mid to Late Summer for further details about IMAT 2024.


    For online registrations for Cambridge Admissions Testing ( BioMedical Admissions Test - BMAT,  Test of Mathematics for University Admission - TMUA,  University of Cambridge Pre-Interview Assessments,  University of Oxford Admissions Tests):
    You agree to each test's Data Protection Notice/Consent and the Centre's Terms stated at the bottom of each test's online registration. 

    For additional TRF orders:
    1 - I did my IELTS test at a CA009 test location
    2 - I did my IELTS test within 2 years of today
    3 - I provided accurate information about the destination of the results
    4 - I provided accurate details of my test, including my name and test date