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This Website provides company information about CES Exams Toronto, the official IELTS Test Centre in Toronto, Ontario. 

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9. Protection of Personal Information

For more information on our policies with respect to privacy protection, please read our Privacy Policy.

10. Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to modify or update the present Terms of Use at any time without notice, so you are encouraged to review them from time to time.

For online registrations for Cambridge Admissions Testing ( BioMedical Admissions Test - BMAT,  Test of Mathematics for University Admission - TMUA,  University of Cambridge Pre-Interview Assessments,  University of Oxford Admissions Tests):
You agree to each test's Data Protection Notice/Consent and the Centre's Terms stated at the bottom of each test's online registration. 

For additional TRF orders:
1 - I did my IELTS test at a CA009 test location
2 - I did my IELTS test within 2 years of today
3 - I provided accurate information about the destination of the results
4 - I provided accurate details of my test, including my name and test date