Coming soon to CES exams: the CAEL CE Test

May 17, 2019

Coming soon to CES exams: the CAEL CE Test

The CAEL CE (Canadian Academic English Language Computer Edition) is a computer-based test designed specifically for students hoping to attend Canadian colleges and universities. As such, it focuses on the particular skills you will need as a Canadian student: i.e.: reading academic articles, writing essays, and listening to lectures.

Test Format

 Like other tests, CAEL contains a mix of short and long readings, lectures and written or spoken responses. But unlike other similar tests, all core skills are integrated. That is, you will be asked to write a short and a long response to a lecture that you have listened to or an article you have read on the same topic. The speaking, listening, reading and writing are therefore not divided into separate sections.

All of the activities are based on a single topic. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the topic – all the information you require will be provided in the test materials.

A more detailed breakdown of the structure of the test can be found here:

 Is CAEL right for me?

Depending on your needs, the CAEL offers certain advantages over other English language tests.

If you are hoping to attend university in Canada, the CAEL is a great fit, because it is so focused on the skills you will need in your studies. If you are hoping to study in another country, then perhaps you should consider the more widely recognized IELTS Academic test.

The CAEL test is recognized by hundreds of universities, colleges and professional associations across the country. You can find a list of institutions accepting CAEL results here:

Unlike the CELPIP, which is focussed on general English proficiency for daily life, the CAEL test is designed for Academic English and is not valid for immigration purposes.

If you are thinking of doing the CAEL, you can learn more about the test by taking a free online webinar. Find the schedule here:

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